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NUATV Membership Dues Payment

Choose the payment method below that matches the membership level you selected on the membership application. This will insure that you will get charged the correct price. 

Dues paid Oct 1 to Dec 31 will cover the rest of the current year and all of the following year. So if it is September, you may want to wait until October to pay to get more mileage out of your dues.

You will not be granted access to the website until we have a chance to review your payment and your application. 
Thanks, and welcome to the club.

You will receive email confirmation of your payment and website request. Please allow up to a week for the website access to be activated.

Web Site Access

After paying below the last step to web site access is the requesting of a password. After you make the payment, go to the login box at the top of each page and click on it. Right under the Log In title, click on "Sign Up" to go to where you create a username and password. We will receive your request and upon confirming you have filled out the membership form and paid, you will get an email to verify your email address and welcome you to the website.


Please Note: The Charge will appear on your account as WIX COM*NUATV Trsan or WIXPAYMENTS-NUATV. This is our website vendor.

Choose the correct pay button below for the level of membership you want. Dues will increase Jan 1 to $50 individual, $75 family and $100 family

Secure Credit Card Payment

Single membership $50

Couple membership $75

Family membership $100


Membership dues are non-refundable. They expire on December 31st of each year. New members paying dues in Oct, Nov or Dec will be valid for the rest of that year and all of the following year.


Upgrade your membership

Want to upgrade your membership one level? You can pay the difference in fees to move from an Individual membership to a couple or move from a couple to a family. 

Upgrade membership
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