GPS links

This page has links to EXTERNAL sites where you can download Garmin Basecamp (free) and other GPS resources like tracks that are in the public domain.

Free trip planning software
Garmin Basecamp software download - for use with Garmin

GPs units and can be used as a standalone program

to view GPS tracks


Basecamp Basic help

Basecamp Basics - A primer on how to get started with Basecamp
Creating Tracks in Basecamp - How to assemble track files to make your own custom track.
Routable trails explained - A short  2 minute video showing the difference between routable and non-routable trails on Basecamp
Send a GPS track file to Basecamp - How to send files to Basecamp  (1 min 42 sec video)
Setup and follow a track and save a track on the GPS Montana - PDF
Send a saved track from a Garmin GPS to a computer - 2 min 34 sec video showing how to transfer your track in the GPS to a computer
Send maps to a Garmin GPS from your computer - How to download maps on your computer to your GPS

Other GPS Helps

Making a track using Google Earth - This is a YouTube video uploaded by our own Scott Boerstra. It shows step by step how to create a GPS track using Google Earth

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