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HB 384

Utah House Bill 384 is now in the hands of the Clerk of the House, moving out of the Legislative Research and General Counsel this morning.  We need to contact our Utah State Legislative Senators and Representatives to get this bill to die in committee.  House Bill 384 will decrease our representation by removing the Off Highway Vehicle Program Coordinator (Chase Pili) as well as the Boating Coordinator (Ty Hunter).  If you have been following the NAUTV Facebook page you have seen a number of post about this bill.  Jeff Stenquist represents Salt Lake County that has minimal OHV trails.  This is not a bill that represents the wish of the outdoor enthusiasts.  Contact your legislative members by going to to find your Senator and Representative by using your address and let them know this not representing the OHV community.  We need representation on the Outdoor Adventure Commission that was created last year and this bill removes that representation. 

Click here to go to the Powerpoint that explains the bill and how to access and comment on it

Governmental Issues

Take a view of the video below that explores both sides of the issues in Moab. It contains some important tips on courtesy and respect.

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