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President - Andrea Widdison
NUATV logo.jpg
Bryan Baugh for NUATV_edited.png
Treasurer - Bryan Bough
Vice Pres - Bob Brady
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Secretary - Dave Oakden
Bruce Cook_edited_edited.png
Ride Committee - Bruce Cook
Social Committee - Britt Barnes
Scott Robbie
Government Relations -
Sponsor Relations - Scott Robbie
Fred Betsy P edited
Cultural Stewardship- Fred/Betsie Panucci
Trail Projects - Bob Brady
Welcome Committee - Gayle Blamires
David Schoss
Merchandise- David Schoss
Property Administrator - Matt Heslop
Done Moore edited
Safety Committee - Don Moore
Julia Splan
Darrell Miles_edited.png
Paul K
Website - Paul Keoppel
Public Lands Liaison - Julia Splan, Darrell & Shelly Miles
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