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About Us

Club Statement

We are an ATV club based in beautiful Northern Utah. We are a group of adventurous, fun-loving people who enjoy being on the trails, riding with family and friends on our ATVs! We established this club to promote ATVs, to encourage responsible riding, to preserve and expand ATV riding opportunities, and to discover the wonders of Utah and the surrounding states.


Some of our club objectives are:

  • To promote safety training for ATV riders of all ages and to encourage responsible riding practices portraying ATVs as a legitimate and responsible form of recreation.

  • To work cooperatively with federal, state, and community governments to promote trail upkeep and expansion, as well as to reduce property and environmental damage along trails.

  • To build, maintain, and monitor ATV and shared use trails throughout the state, in conjunction with other ATV clubs and off-roading organizations.

  • To educate, inform, and organize ATV riders to be a voice for preserving and expanding outdoor recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Benefits of belonging to the Northern Utah ATV Trail Riders:

  • Membership gives you access to all Northern Utah ATV Trail Riders club monthly meetings, club rides and activities.

  • Members have access to the club officers and other experienced ATV riders who are willing to share their extensive knowledge and experience.

  • Meetings feature seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects, including: trail development, mapping, GPS training, information on OHV laws, ATV riding safety and maintenance, trails and hidden nature surprises!

  • Organized events provide social opportunities to meet and ride with other ATV riders throughout Utah and the surrounding areas.

  • Opportunities are provided to become an active, organized voice to preserve and expand the sport.

  • Discounts are available for members only from club sponsors

  • web site, featuring:

    • Online calendar of club rides and events

    • Club ride photos and videos

    • Club documents and minutes library

    • Online Forum for information, exchange of ideas

    • Membership directory

    • GPS tracks from club rides and GPS resources

    • Listing of sponsors with links to their websites

    • Opportunities to participate in the club by volunteering for different functions and activities such as trail hosting

    • Submitting ride requests and ride evaluations

    • Purchasing club logo branded apparel and gear

Example of a prior year's ride schedule

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