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As we add new features to the website they will be listed here along with a brief explanation of what it does and how to access the new feature. We hope to add a new feature weekly. Stay tuned.

10 Oct - We have a Lynn Blaimire page. It contains links to a website he is working with to post all of his past articles. Go to the Links menu item to view Lynn's page.

24 Sept - An exciting tool has been added to help you search for hotel and BnB places right here without leaving our website. We will only add these links to multiple day rides. The only multi-day ride we have left this year is Escalante. To see how this hotel connection works, go to the ride notes and at the bottom by Escalante, click on the hotel link. 

19 Sept - This week we are adding a shared photo gallery. I'm not sure if it will become a permanent part of the website. We'll have to see how much it is used and if it is useful. To check it out, go to the photos menu item and select Photo Gallery.

11 Sept - The week we have a new video link for videos that superimposed over a GPS map using the Relive app on smartphones. Check it out under the Photos/Video menu.

4 Sept - Each month we will highlight new members that joined the previous month. See the home page for the list.

29 August - We now are adding links to ATV/UTV related websites. The first link is to Lynn Blaimires' ATV articles. Check it out under the menu item Links, and then other links.

23 August - A new link page for all of the Jamboree websites in Utah. Go to the links menu item.

12 August - A new menu item is added named LINKS. This menu will link to other websites that may interest our membership. The first one is a page of links to all the other ATV/UTV club websites in Utah. Get there by clicking on the new LINKS in the menu.

7 August - A new link to the AYL Outsiders trail map system. This website has trail GPS files, trail photos and how to get there instructions. Check it out by going to our GPS/Maps menu item.

31 July - We have a new link to Utah OHV maps. These are viewable online or downloadable. To access go to the GPS/map track menu.

25 July - Our first new add is a link to non-member GPS tracks. We provide a link to the PLEAA website with downloadable Utah GPS sorted by region. To access, go to the GPS track menu item.

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