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Welcome to the new website. If you have chosen  this page we assume you want to receive access to this new website. We only require two things before we grant website access. First, you need to be current on your 2020 membership dues. Second you need to fill out the new membership form.
Below are three options. Choose the one that applies to you. Bear in my that we will verify both dues payment and the receipt of the membership form, so it will be faster for you to choose the correct path  below.
Click below if you have paid your 2020 dues and just need to fill out the membership update form.

Option 1

Click below if you need to pay your 2020 dues and need to fill out the new membership form.

Option 2

Click below only if you have already filled out the new membership form and received a notice from the webmaster to pay your dues before access is granted.

Option 3

NOTE about first log-on
To create a user name and password the first time you log in select the "New to this site? Sign UP". Click on the Sign Up to create your password. After that fill in your email and password to log on.

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