NUATV 2021Membership Dues Renewal

Its time to renew your dues for 2021 membership. Dues should be paid by January 1, 2021. There is a grace period until March 1, 2021.


Any member that has not paid dues by March 1 will be removed from the membership list and will lose access to the website. If you choose to pay dues after March 1st, you will need to resubmit a new membership form, pay your dues and request a web site password.

Get it done before March to avoid the hassle of filling out a membership form and requesting web access again.

Choose the correct pay button below for the level of membership you want

Please Note: The Charge will appear on your account as WIX COM*NUATV Trsan or WIXPAYMENTS-NUATV. This is our website vendor.

Credit Cards or PayPal

Single membership $30

Couple membership $45

Family membership $60


Membership dues are non-refundable. They expire on December 31st of each year. New members paying dues in Oct, Nov or Dec will be valid for the rest of that year and all of the following year.